Self Healing Aspalt on the A58

On this Blog we will give info on the test track with Self Healing Asphalt that is built on the A58 near Vlissingen in The Netherlands. The Asphalt is a special type of ZOAB (very porous aphalt concrete) containing small steelwool fibres. A known but serious problem with ZOAB is ravelling: stones at the surface coming off in time due to microcracking in the binder. The special ZOAB that is developed at Delft University (sponsored by AgentschapNL) can be heated with induction energy due to the fibres that are present which closes the microcracks and with that extends the service life of the road.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Webinar Selfhealing concrete and asphalt

Today Erik gave a Webinar on Self Healing Concrete and Asphalt for Betonica.

You can watch back the webinar on the website of Betonica.

The presentation you can download here.


  1. Asphalt specifically, asphalt concrete has been widely used since the 1920s. The viscous nature of the bitumen binder allows asphalt concrete to sustain significant plastic deformation, although fatigue from repeated loading over time is the most common failure mechanism. Most asphalt surfaces are laid on a gravel base, which is generally at least as thick as the asphalt layer, although some 'full depth' asphalt surfaces are laid directly on the native subgrade

  2. Hello, Wonder that self healing concrete and asphalt means. Does it mean it can repair itself when damaged from rain and vehicle pressure.

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  3. Thanks for the information. My friend has been telling me about the guys at that can do a great job. I think that the self healing asphalt is a genius idea!

  4. Interesting and valuable information. self healing asphalt can really change our driving experience. #pavageasphalte #asphaltelévis

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