Self Healing Aspalt on the A58

On this Blog we will give info on the test track with Self Healing Asphalt that is built on the A58 near Vlissingen in The Netherlands. The Asphalt is a special type of ZOAB (very porous aphalt concrete) containing small steelwool fibres. A known but serious problem with ZOAB is ravelling: stones at the surface coming off in time due to microcracking in the binder. The special ZOAB that is developed at Delft University (sponsored by AgentschapNL) can be heated with induction energy due to the fibres that are present which closes the microcracks and with that extends the service life of the road.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Very Nice Self Healing Product

If you are interested in other self healing products you should have a look at the video below. This is realy incredible!. It would be nice if our asphalt would perform in a similar way......

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  1. Is self healing asphalt something that would fill in cracks and potholes? That's what I would think of when I hear self healing and asphalt in the same sentence! And I think I need to find this self healing tire too because my bike tires and always getting punctured by little things!